A New Start

11.2014 – Beitostolen, Norway … Despite the freezing mist and having to stop regularly to remove ice from our eyelashes, this 3 hot classic ski on the mountain with the Brits was actually a lot of fun!

A New Start

Here it is: a new season with new goals (and even a new website)!megan_11

As always, time has flown by. I have spent the last 10 days training in Beitostolen, Norway along with many other nordic athletes on the illusive search for early snow. This year it was great,  it started snowing the day I arrived and basically didn’t stop!

A HUGE thanks to the Britsh Biathlon Team for adapoting me during the 10 days – I felt right at home!!! Lots of laughs, good food and great training too of course.

Snow conditions were awesome and our ski loop got longer every day, growing from 3km to 6km. I didn’t see very much of the sun, but I’m not complaining! Although I did have more than one training session where I had to stop and remove the ice from my eyelashes – ahhh, the joy of outdoor sports! The above photo was our most extreme weather day: a 3 hour classic ski in the freezing-mist. By the time we were done our ski poles were so iced-up that they were literally twice their usual diameter.

Apart from the obvious focus of having a lot of good quality time on skis, I spent almost every morning on the shooting range and was really motivated by a lot of high quality sessions. The big question remains as always: will I be able to deliver the same performance in the upcoming races? I have shot significantly less in training this summer and fall compared to other years: partly due to a 2 month shooting break I took this spring and also because of a different approach. This season I am planning on going ‘back to the basics’ and will be one relaxed gal on the shooting range in comparison to last season. I am confident that this will be a good change!

Right now I have a few days rest and recovery before I start preparing for the first races of the season: IBU Cup 1 is here in Beitostolen on Nov 29th & 30th!

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