All About Summer 2015

Rollerskiing at home in Prince George.

All About Summer 2015

As always time has flown and I cannot believe that the 2015 World Cup season is literally days away from opening.   Every year at this time, I find myself wondering where the time has gone, but taking a look back I realize that I have been pretty busy….


IMG-20150725-WA0005I started off the month with a mediocre treadmill test.  Treadmill tests are always painful affairs, involving blood, sweat and tear that generally finish with me convincing myself that I should have somehow pushed myself a teeny-weeny little bit harder.

The highlight of the month was without a doubt an ‘’international’’ training camp in Norway.   Our training group consisted of athletes from Canada, USA, Finland and Russia and it was a pleasure to train together with some of the best women in the world. After a week long training camp in Syrdal we competed in Blink Festival, the largest Nordic summer festival in the world: we finished off the trip with some training in Oslo, Norway – the 2016 World Championships Site.


The mass start at Blink Festival – that’s me in the blue shorts!

The fjords of Norway - it was worth the hike to say the least!

The fjords of Norway – it was worth the hike to say the least!



Rollerskiing at home along Otway Road, Prince George.

Canada!   I spent the entire month of August training at home in Prince George, BC with my son Predo. My training consisted of a lot of rollerski volume on the roads of my hometown, a set of hard maximum strength sessions at the UNBC gym, and some quiet shooting at the new 30 lane biathlon range.

group wed again

My son Predo, me, my sister Steph and my brother-in-law Chris

ms wed again

Me with my beautiful little sister!







While my life tends to revolve around my sport and training, this month I had a higher priority, my sister’s wedding! I think I was just as happy as she was to be celebrating such a happy day and visiting my entire family at the same time.


This month started out badly with a serious eye infection that resulted in me not being able to wear contact lenses for 3 weeks. It was really disappointing and meant no shooting training as well as no participation in any of the summer biathlon rollerski competitions.   A bad thing turned into a good thing with a 2 week long trip to Italy where I enjoyed the summer temperatures and rollerskiing up the rolling pass roads everyday.

m rollerski italy

An afternoon mountain run in the Apennine Mountains.

An afternoon mountain run in the Apennine Mountains.


It was time to get back to the shooting range. I spent most of October in one of my favourite places: Ruhpolding, Germany. I found myself on the range almost every morning and, with seemingly endless sunshine and brilliant fall colours, I couldn’t resist some long runs and hikes in the mountains in the afternoons.
relax ruhpoldingsmile ruhpolding




Relaxing & rollerskiing!

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