IBU Cup 1: Beitostolen, Norway

Well, it wasn’t the glorious start to the season I had hoped for – but it was a start and I have a lot of positive things to take away from this weekend despite not having achieved the results I was hoping for .

I was the only Canadian athlete here and I owe a huge thanks to Knut Tore Berland who gave up his time to be my coach for the week, to Federico Fontana for the awesome skis and to the British team who basically adopted me for the week.  Not a bad setup at all!

The first race actually started out quite well.   I went out aggressive on my first loop, had a clean prone shooting and was actually leading the race until my standing shooting.   I missed 2 standing and fought hard through my last loop.   I ended up 16th and came away feeling pretty positive about my ski speed which was competitive and better than what I had been expecting.   I was also feeling pretty motivated to see that the potential was there to be on the podium with good shooting and was looking forward to a chance to do it all again the next day.

My second race was borderline catastrophic.   Once again I was pretty strong on course with the 7th fastest ski time for the second day in a row and I was still ‘in the game’ with 1 miss prone.  However, things turned around pretty fast when I missed 4 shots standing.   I can’t actually remember the last time I missed 4 shots in 1 bout.   I left the shooting range asking myself what on earth had gone wrong.  The positive thing for me was that I was so angry about my standing shooting that I was really able to give everything on the last loop and gave a much better fight on the final 2.5km than I had the day before.

All in all, I went into these races telling myself they were just a chance to test the water and get an orientation for my performance and that is exactly what I got to do.   Now I am headed off to join our World Cup team in Östersund, Sweden.  I have some pretty clear ideas about what I want to work on in the next 3 days before the 15km Individual this Thursday and am looking forward to some more races soon!

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