ACCUPRO is at the top of my sponsor list providing me with financial support as well as great rifle products. I don’t fly anywhere without my rifle packed safely in my Accupro case and have used their line of rifle cleaning products after every shooting session since 2012. It is a pleasure to work with and be supported by this BC company.


Skis and boots. I’ve been happy to call Fischer my ski and boot sponsor since 2011. It’s really pretty simple – I wouldn’t be able to do my job without the fast skis and comfortable lightweight boots that I trust and love. The fantastic and friendly service doesn’t hurt either!


National Firearms Association
The NFA is my longest standing sponsor. We have come a long ways together from my early days as a junior athlete through 2 Olympic Games and onwards. They have been with me through a lot of up and downs and I am so proud and grateful to call myself a member of ‘Team NFA’.


Last season was my first with Swix poles and there is no going back! Great feeling and great performance – what more can you ask for?


Rotmont / branding, gamification, sports
Welcome and thank you to my newest sponsor! I consider myself lucky to have this Swiss sport management and marketing company designing my website and promotional material as well as working on my behalf with potential sponsors. The time they are freeing up on my ‘to-do’ list will be put to good use. Their professional yet personal style combined with their love of sport will undoubtedly result in a great partnership over the next few seasons!


Barnet Rifle Club
The Barnet Rifle Club is a very unique sponsor. Their rifle club in Burnaby, BC, was unfortunately closed down after half a century of target shooting leaving the club with some funds to liquidate. This generous group contacted me unexpectedly and are now supporting me for the 3rd season in a row!

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